Introduction of the Manufacturing Workbench leads to more reliable and exact planning of logistical processes along the supply chain. This enables the reduction of unproductive time and materials that unnecessarily bind capital. At the same time the available capacities are put to better use and necessary adjustments (e.g. weekend work or additional shifts) recognised at an early stage. This allows the achievement of immediate, financially efficient, savings.

Many clients appreciate the marked increase in transparency in the logistical processes. This transparency allows faster and more exact acceptance of deadlines and delivery times, both within the company (e.g. between distribution and production) and in dealings with clients and suppliers. All departments work with one data basis and substantially reduce the need for manual coordination.

Many companies become aware of their existing logistical processes through process execution and find ways to standardise. This increases the stability of the processes and thus avoids uncertainties in process execution.

machine scheduling synthesis

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