Process Competence

Logistical processes in the pharmaceutical industry are specific in many points and it is therefore very important to our clients that they work with OR Soft advisors who have a lot of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and speak their language. Many function elements can be used in all pharmaceutical production processes, for example the dynamic calculation of setup times and the algorithmically supported planning and re-planning of orders. Place your trust in OR Soft’s experience. Our software will be used successfully and productively to plan all production steps in pharmaceutical companies.

Pharma Synthesis
The processes are characterised by many synthesis steps that build up on one another and are dependent on one another. We have a lot of experience in imaging technical specifics such as fixed ‘paths through the system’ and ‘logical relationship’ for many customers. This also includes campaign handling including setup and cleaning logics.

Bulk Manufacture
The bulk production of solid, semi-solid or liquid forms presumes the imaging of fixed batch sizes or of plants to be used alternatively and the resulting material flow. Depending on the modelling in the SAP system it is necessary to network several production steps with one another and clearly image the material flow (availability testing and ranges) on the process step level.

The filling of bulk products is determined for many clients by the approved batch sizes; this results in functions that allocate the requirements to the defined batch sizes (elements of push production). Special processes such as freeze drying with multi-loading of systems and required standing times are also imaged with the software.

The variety of materials in pharmaceutical packages (packing materials, finished products) and the close connection to client order processing presumes strong links between all planning information. OR Soft software keeps the entire logistical production model in the main memory so that all the information (e.g. adherence to client order deadlines, availability of materials, available capacities…) can be evaluated by the user at any time.

Contract Manufacturing
Many companies include production for third parties in their business model. The high level of client integration influences the production planning process through provided materials, necessary production shares, client order stocks or through frequent adjustments to the process.

Quality Control
Quality control is an important element for the calculation of processing times. Objective prioritisation of trials and the grouping of tests are important in order to fulfil quantity and deadline requirements. OR Soft solutions often serve as ‘cross applications’ between SAP PP-PI, SAP QM and any third party systems in this sector.

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